Want to Keep Your Carpet Clean All Year Round? Follow These Simple Tips

Maintaining carpeted areas can be difficult and very time consuming, especially when certain areas accumulate more dust and dark spots than others, and some areas become stained with those nasty liquids and can be a pain to get out.

With these handy carpet cleaning tips, you will have your carpet looking and feeling cleaner and fresher for longer.


Vacuum once a week

vacuum cleaning


Maintaining a weekly carpet vacuuming schedule will ensure that the gritty particles and debris do not get comfortable in your carpet and spread bacteria and discolouration.

Vacuuming in heavy traffic areas regularly will prevent early signs of discolouration and wearing.

Frequent vacuuming will remove top layers of debris faster, making it easier for the grit in between the carpet to surface and clear out with more vacuuming.


Divide carpet areas into quadrants

carpet cleaning


In order to evenly distribute cleaning time and cover all areas of carpet thoroughly, it is a good idea to divide your carpeted area into quadrants and separate sections to ensure you are spending equal time on all of your carpeted area.

It is important to go over each divided section multiple times on a high powered suction, to ensure that all dirt, particles and debris are being picked up and cleared.

Then finish off on a slow suction to remove all the final particles and fluff up your carpet.


Dab! Don’t rub, working with carpet stains!

Carpet Rub


If your carpet has a new stain it is important to not scrub the stain and rather dab the stain with a dampened cloth of towel.

Allow to dry slightly and invest in some non-toxic and minimal chemical carpet cleaning services and steam carpet cleaning from the specialists at Melbourne Carpet and tile cleaning.


Clean areas that have heavy traffic



Areas that are prone to having heavy traffic, this being where main living areas are, walk-ins and corridors need to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly as these areas can accumulate a lot of mud, dirt, stains and debris.

Vacuuming these areas with a criss cross pattern and overlapping strokes will ensure that these accumulated areas are being well cleaned and managed.


Fight odours with a little bit of baking soda



Over time, carpeted areas can begin to give off odour, especially when carpet has been stained or is getting older.

Adding a little bit of baking soda to your vacuum bag and vacuuming over odoured areas of your carpet will fight against the odour producing bacteria.

This can be done a couple of times a month for maximum results.


At Melbourne Carpet and Tile cleaning, we have had the opportunity to work with many carpeted areas in commercial areas, and our main aim is to ensure that every single one of our clients has a healthy and clean indoor space when it comes to carpet cleaning and maintenance.

Our area of expertise is working toward clearing our dirt, grime, odours and debris from many carpeted areas through our extensive cleaning services to give our customers a healthy living and working environment.

To learn more about our carpet cleaning services, give us a call on: 1300 955 100 and speak with the professionals today!

Keeping Carpets Clean With Pets

Having a pet is one of life’s many joys. Carpets are often a preferred surfacing choice for households, especially with pets. Unlike hard-surfaces, you won’t have to worry about your pets slipping on the floor as carpets provide a soft, cosy surface. Carpet choice also minimises the chances of floor markings and scuffing, which is commonplace with hardwood and laminate flooring and pets.


Our furry companions quickly become important members of our families, and we often go out of our way to ensure our homes are pet-proof and suitable for them. They also inevitably add another dimension of upkeep to our household routines.


Household cleaning with pets can often become more complicated with carpeted surfaces. Fur, dirt, odours and rodents are often part and parcel with pet ownership. These factors can be detrimental to carpet. Never fear, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can maintain a healthy, durable carpeted surface and live in harmony with your pets.


Regular Vacuuming

carpet vacuum

Vacuuming is an important part of household maintenance. Regular vacuuming is especially vital with pets in the home. Pets unavoidably shed hair which can accumulate and compromise your carpeted surface. If left unattended, pet hair can leave an unpleasant odour on your carpets as well as leaving your home vulnerable to rodents and bacteria that live in your pet’s hair.


The regularity of vacuuming will depend on the number of people and pets living in your home. For smaller households with only one pet, we recommend vacuuming once or twice a week. For larger families with more than one pet, it’s advisable that you vacuum a few times a week. Variables such as carpet colour or having a pet with long hair or an increased shedding capacity may impact on the regularity of your vacuuming routine.


Be On Top Of Stains

Accidents happen, especially with pets around. It’s integral to keep on top of stains and accidents that naturally occur when having a pet. Cleaning up a mess as soon as it happens will greatly decrease the chances of permanent staining and damage. Once ingrained in the surface, dirt, bacteria and germs can multiply and compromise the health of those living in your home. When cleaning up stains ensure that the cleaning agent you use is compatible with the fibres and colours of your carpet.


Make Use Of Fur Tools

As we’ve established, pet hair and fur can be a hindrance to your cleaning routine. Pet hair usually builds up in high-traffic areas like the lounge room, couches, bedrooms and kitchen. There are an array of fur/hair management tools on the market that can eliminate pet hair and fur from surfaces. Lint rollers and latex gloves collect pet hair quickly and will reduce the time you spend vacuuming. Use them over your carpeted surfaces for best results.


Get A Professional Carpet Clean

When it comes to maintaining a healthy carpet surface, regular professional cleans are essential. Not only do they cleanse and refresh the look of your carpet, but a professional clean will also remove any harmful bacteria that may be hiding beneath the surface.


Professional carpet cleaning is especially pertinent to pet owners as it will indefinitely remove any fleas, mites, hair and dirt that can become deeply embedded in your carpet. Melbourne Carpet & Tile Cleaning use a specialised steam cleaning approach that will enhance the look and feel of your carpet and keep them robust


To all pet owners, we recommend treating your carpet annually with a carpet protection treatment to treat any stains and discolouration that may arise from your furry friends. This treatment will also simplify your cleaning routine and give you more time to do the things that matter.

Carpet Cleaning & Vacuuming for High Footfall Areas

Daily vacuuming is the first line of defence when it comes to overall carpet maintenance. This is especially true for commercial establishments with high footfalls and traffic areas. However, the frequency of vacuuming is determined by a number of factors – the size and location of the premises and the foot traffic. Small offices with a limited number of employees and visitors can do with weekly vacuuming while large offices with hundreds of employees and visitors will require nightly vacuuming.

Every office has different vacuuming needs, and hence any carpet maintenance plan should also include strategies for preventing soil from entering the premises. The frequency of vacuuming should be finalised after detailed discussions between the business owner and a professional commercial carpet cleaning agency.

Factors that determine vacuuming frequency

As a general practice and rule of thumb, the areas with the highest foot traffic should be vacuumed more frequently. If the maintenance plan has a daily vacuum schedule, the focus should be on the centre of the corridors where people walk up and down. A more detailed vacuuming programme can be carried out once a month.

Since preventive maintenance is a critical factor in carpet cleaning, vacuuming should also be done in places where dirt and debris enter the building daily. The areas between a well-carpeted office and a warehouse and factory should also be cleaned daily as part of preventive maintenance. Elevators, common areas, lobbies and entrances deserve special attention because the dirt starts to get spread around in the office from there.

To determine vacuuming frequencies and the areas that should be worked on daily, inspect horizontal surfaces in the office. Look at how quickly the top of file cabinets and partitions gather dust. This will be an indicator of how frequently the carpets should be vacuumed.

Budget cuts and increase in spot vacuuming  

It is seen that the first victim of cost cuts is carpet cleaning and that is there is a fall in the frequency of cleaning. This was noticeable particularly during the recession when companies needed to cut corners and yet maintain operational efficiencies in core activities. However, this can be a solution in the short term only. Neglecting carpet vacuuming takes a heavy toll on the life of a carpet and its looks.

When vacuuming frequencies decrease, there should be a corresponding rise in spot cleaning. And as in daily cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning agencies can alternate sections and floors to maximise vacuuming time on a fixed weekly schedule. For example, in the first week of the month, full vacuuming may be carried out on the first floor, in the second week of the month, the same can be done for the second floor while spot cleaning of selected areas with high footfalls can be done on the first floor. If this cycle is rotated and carried out, it should not be too difficult a task to maintain carpets well.

However, carpet cleaning and maintenance is not so cut and dried, and many variables have to be taken into account. What works at one office may be inadequate for another.

Vacuuming for health

Budget cuts or not, the vacuuming schedule for carpet cleaning should include a comprehensive shake-up at least once a year, if not for anything else, at least to safeguard the health of employees. The programme should include furnishings, corners, edges, under desks and hard-to-reach areas in an indoor office environment. Areas behind filing cabinets and the small gaps between the wall and the credenza area places that get loaded with dust and should be cleaned once annually.

Sporadic vacuuming

Sporadic vacuuming is typically done along with a regular vacuuming programme. These include cleaning of little-used conference rooms and empty cubicles. Regardless of the frequency of the contracted carpet cleaning job, sporadic carpet cleaning has to be carried out in exceptional circumstances even if it falls outside the regular scope of work. For example, if carpets are cleaned once a week and an employee drops popcorn all over a carpet the second day, it should get cleaned up as otherwise the popcorn will be tracked around the whole office.

Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaning services are designed to keep your floored areas looking fresh, safe and clean. For more information about the high-quality services we provide, please contact the team at MCTC on 1300 955 100 today.

Beware of these Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

In most aspects of life, when you make a mistake, you have the opportunity to learn from it and rectify it. But when you think of carpet care and carpet cleaning, there is no room for errors. Just by using the wrong products, schedule or cleaning process, you can potentially damage your precious carpet permanently. Its appearance and lifespan will be negatively impacted – something that you cannot reverse back to its original looks. A major mistake that you can make is not to have a carpet cleaning schedule in place.

A proactive and preventive maintenance process is essential. Usually, people wait for carpets to look dirty before taking steps to have them cleaned. This is not advisable at all. Carpeting is designed to absorb and hide dirt within its fibres. Hence, if a carpet looks dirty, you can imagine how dirty it is.

Some common mistakes made in carpet cleaning:

Not having a comprehensive cleansing program

You have to approach carpet cleaning in all its totality and not in bits and pieces. You might be implementing only one aspect of carpet cleaning and think that you have done a thorough job of it. For instance, low moisture cleaning as a stand-alone entity might not be enough if you do not have deep extraction to go with it. Again, when you stop the cleaning process at spotting and do not go through with deep cleaning, you are not doing justice to your carpet cleaning schedule. You should incorporate all the elements if you want your carpet to have a long life and retain its good looks.

Waiting for summers to clean your carpet

One of the biggest myths in the carpet cleaning world is it can only be done only in summers. Generally, the theory behind this myth is that the carpets take longer to dry in the cold season. However, your carpet needs to be equally cleaned in winters as in summers. So, carpet steam cleaning is the ideal way to rightly clean your carpet in colder months. It includes a hot water extraction method which is specially designed to reduce the drying time. Since, professional help is always worth the money, you can choose from these 11 best options for carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne.

Not hiring professionals for carpet cleaning

Professional agencies have a trained workforce and specialised equipment for carpet cleaning that does a better job than any DIY effort. For example, a simple vacuum cleaner for home has a brush that moves when air goes past it. But expert agencies have one that uses an electric motor. This means that the brush rotates faster with more force and can lift dirt and particles more effectively. Again, trained carpet cleaners use chemicals to lift dirt off carpets. You could permanently damage your carpet if you tried to do so. For a good carpet cleaning experience always hire professional services to do the job for you.

Not knowing the manufacturer’s specifications

A part of the good carpet maintenance program is knowing the manufacturer’s specifications. This is often overlooked in carpet care. A good cleaning process does not start with the cleaning activity; it begins with the specification and installation of the carpet.

John Poole, senior consultant at the American Institute of Cleaning Service explains the point well. He says, “What people need to know is who manufactured the carpet and what kind of carpet they’re dealing with. You need to know the specifications so that you know how to maintain it, and you don’t violate the warranty. If you don’t know what type of carpet you’re dealing with, you can create a mess. For instance, natural fibres will shrink, so it’s imperative to identify the type of carpet you’re cleaning.”

Not testing chemicals before application

Do not apply chemicals directly on a soiled area without testing them first. It is always advisable to check the chemicals on an inconspicuous place on the carpet before using it on the spot in a prominent area. Otherwise, there is always a possibility of bleaching out the carpet and permanently ruining it.

In a nutshell, these are some of the don’ts for a good carpet cleaning job. Now, you can keep your carpet clean, dirt-free and germ-free by avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes.

Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaning services are designed to keep your floored areas looking fresh, safe and clean. For more information about the high-quality services we provide, please contact the team at MCTC on 1300 955 100 today.

Carpet Cleaning in the Warmer months- Keep it Neat and Easy!

Summer living certainly can take it’s toll on the average Melbourne household when it comes to keeping up with  carpet maintenance over summer. It’s a time when pollens, dust, dirt and debris are more prevalent than ever, and thus far more likely to find their way into our homes. But you don’t have to be resigned to the idea that your carpets or tiles need more cleaning  than you have time for- simply following a few suggestions can take the load off when it comes to the extra work summer living can mean for house proud people!


Enlist a crack team of floor cleaning professionals

Having a team of carpet cleaning professionals with state of the art equipment to take care of your carpets and tiled areas is the final commandment of great home care during the summer months. Want to maintain your carpeting over summer and minimise potential wear? Simply reach out and talk to the professionals about the services which would best suit your needs.


Invest in good runners and doorway mats

If you’re reading this and can’t remember what your welcome mat even looks like, run, don’t walk to the front door and take a took at it’s condition. Are the fibres worn, clogged, or snapped off? If so, pop down to your local hardware store and invest in a good quality, strong bristled set of mats for each entrance to your home. And don’t forget the doggy door!

Make sure your vacuum cleaner is in great shape.

If you find vacuuming to be too demanding, we put it to you that your vacuum cleaner might need updating. If you haven’t checked out the range of cordless, hand-held varieties available on the market, you should! Most households who have made this investment report they are much more likely to use their vacuum cleaner than a broom, and that they find using the handheld vacuum cleaner does a far superior job than previous methods they’ve used. These modernised versions of a vacuum cleaner are a heaven send for anyone with a long-haired fur child on board!

Keep footwear out of the way.

Besides the odour they can put out, shoes bring a whole lot of nasty mud, dirt and filth with them. Invest in a solid shoe-box and make sure it’s located in a convenient  area that children can reach. Summer is a great time to re-inforce the ‘no shoes inside’ rule, especially if small children and sporty adolescents are a part of the household!

Ensure pet beds are weather appropriate

The more foam and cushioning your pet bed has, the more dust, mites, and dirt it will hang onto. Most pets are very happy in a breathable mesh hammock. You don’t have to completely eschew the idea of soft bedding for your pets- just wash it regularly and make sure the area is hygienic. This is also important for avoiding warm-weather skin conditions that many pets are prone to.

Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaning serve yes are designed to keep your floored areas looking and feeling fresh, safe and clean. For more information about the high quality services we provide, please contact the team at MCTC today, on 1300 955 100 today.